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The GrassROOTS Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity organization. We rely on a combination of paid consultants, volunteer service, in-kind donations, grants and corporate sponsorships to support our programs. We also graciously accept gifts and donations from the public.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will go toward improving the health and well-being of women and girls living in poverty. We welcome one gifts or recurring donations.

Thank you for choosing to support The GrassROOTS Community Foundation! Use your credit card or Paypal account to make a one-time donation or to set up recurring donations.

You can make a donation by check. Your support is deeply appreciated by The GrassROOTS Community Foundation, youth and community. We welcome one time donations as well as recurring gifts. Please make check payable to GrassROOTS Community Foundation. Mail donations to 634 Eagle Rock Avenue, Suite 295, West Orange, New Jersey 07052.

We appreciate your gift in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one. To make a memorial or honorary gift by check, credit card or stock, inform us of the name of the person you are honoring or memorializing and be sure to include the individual’s name and address (for honorary gifts) or the family’s contact name and address (for memorials).We will notify the individual or family of your thoughtfulness, but we will not reveal the amount of your gift.

Many companies encourage their employees to make charitable contributions by offering workplace giving programs, through payroll deductions. Ask your employer whether your company participates in matching contributions. Through this program, you may be able to designate a specified amount of each paycheck to support The GrassROOTS Community Foundation. To learn more about workplace giving, please send us an email to


GrassROOTS Community Foundation, Inc.
Investing in Women & Girls!
634 Eagle Rock Avenue, Suite 295
West Orange, NJ 07052

Thank you for your contribution!



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